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Loving God...Loving Each Other - The Three P's

Loving God … Loving Each Other

The Three “Ps”

You already know that I love happy endings. But more than that I love new beginnings. I guess that’s why I have always loved New Years Day and New Years Resolutions. I believe that if we are going to make changes in our lives, we have to set some goals. Goal tend to stretch us and motivate us. Goals are a way to stay on track, day in and day out.

A few days ago, I made some goals for myself for 2019. I won’t bore you by sharing them here, but I will tell you what I heard on the radio the very next day. I didn’t catch the man’s name but what he said was very helpful to me and might be to you also.

He said that he builds every new year on three “Ps” – prayer, planning and persistence. Without these three, he claimed, all our goals and dreams are just pipe dreams.

Prayer is the greatest force in the Universe. How could it be that we can lay our requests before the Creator of the Universe and have him care enough to answer them.

Planning is essential to realizing any dream and goal that we have. Do you remember what the Father said about people at the Tower of Babel? “If as one people, saying the same thing, they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them!” (Genesis 11) Now if that is true for folks planning to do ungodly things, just think of how true it is for the godly!

Persistence – Things that are worthwhile are often very difficult to accomplish. People who reach their goals and move forward in their lives are those who are willing to pay the price. A concert pianist literally spends hours each day playing scales and practicing pieces of music until their fingers move effortlessly over the keys. The performance proves that it was worth the persistent effort.

So, what are your goals and dreams for this brand-new year? It might be good to sit down today and write out some resolutions. It couldn’t hurt, and it might just help with prayer, planning and persistence!

Loving God… Loving Each Other And the story never ends

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